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Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services in Naples, FL

Turn to Home Improvement Experts, Inc for cleaning services in Naples, FL. Our experts specialize in multiple improvement areas. This includes keeping your commercial building, construction sites, private offices, and residential areas clean and in tip-top shape. We offer labor services to construction companies to assist with keeping your projects clean. We service all of SW FL, particularly, the Naples area. No job is too big or too small for us to handle! Hire us today!

Construction Cleaning

Having your property cleaned is easy when you turn to our team. By using the proper tools and maintenance practices, we'll make your location look as good as new. Before starting your job, we have one of our supervisors to meet with you to coordinate and schedule the cleaning. This step is taken to make sure we don't interfere with any other projects you have planned.

Once your location has been cleaned, a supervisor will review everything. This professional will also be in charge of handing over the finished job for approval to the job supervisor. The type of cleaning services that we offer our clients include:

Labor Clean:

Clean construction site inside and perimeter to keep construction site cleaned for owners and clients.


• Air-Conditioned Living Area Cleaning
• Countertop, Sink, and Tub Cleaning
• Sliding Glass Door Maintenance 
• Vacuuming
• Cabinet Wipe Down (Drawers Included)
• Ceramic Tile Cleaning
• Window Washing


• Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning
• Sweeping (Vinyl, Tile, Wood, Etc.)
• Mopping (Vinyl, Tile, Wood, Etc.)
• Baseboard Wipe Down
• Door Cleaning
• Doorknob Polishing
• Vacuuming (All Carpeted Areas)
• Light Switch Polishing
• Mirror Polishing


• Toilet Cleaning
• Countertop Wipe Down
• Sweeping
• Mopping
• Vacuuming
Cleaning Services in Naples, FL

Pressure Cleaning:

• Pavers
• Soffit
• Fascia

• Walls
• Pool Decks Screens
• Roof

Labor Force 

Keep your construction site clean with the Home Improvement Experts. We know the importance of a clean job site. It helps present progression to owners as well as provides a look to see what has been damaged through the construction process. Call our labor specialists, and you will see the difference in your construction site. Contact us for more information on our cleaning services today.

Areas we cover 

• Shopvac entire site for dust 
• Take out excessive dust from the entire job site including countertops, window seals, slider tracks, etc.
• Wipe trim to prep for paint 

• Clean perimeter of the project to keep outside clean from garbage
• Organize job site materials

These are just a few of the many things we do at Home Improvement Experts, at our labor division. Call us; we are always ready to work!

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